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10 Kathrin Kemp_Hedda Gabler_Foto_Lidia Melnikova.jpg

Marsha Zimmermann, Marc Vinzing / photo by Lidia Melnikova

Kathrin Kemp Hedda Gabler Foto Manja Herrmann.jpg

stage design & costume design 
Stadttheater Bremerhaven

director: Thomas Oliver Niehaus
stage design: Kathrin Kemp
costume design: Kathrin Kemp

Premiere: 12.11.2022


Frank Auerbach, Marsha Zimmermann / photo by Manja Herrmann

The stage set is a nest made for Hedda Gabler, an awkward attempt by the other characters to create an environment adequate for her. The use of natural materials conveys a strange kind of domesticity and at the same time is reminiscent of an enclosure. 

07 Kathrin Kemp_Hedda Gabler_Foto_Manja Herrmann.JPG

Isabel Zeumer, Marsha Zimmermann, photo by Manja Herrmann

09 Kathrin Kemp_Hedda Gabler_Foto_Lidia Melnikova.jpg

Henning Bäcker, Marsha Zimmermann, Marc Vinzing, Isabel Zeumer, photo by Lidia Melnikova

01 Kathrin Kemp_Hedda Gabler_Foto_Manja Herrmann_edited.jpg

Frank Auerbach, Mark Vinzing, Henning Bäcker, Marsha Zimmermann, Sibylla Rasmussen/ photo by Manja Herrmann

12 Kathrin Kemp_Hedda Gabler_Foto_Lidia Melnikova.jpg

Sybilla Rasmussen, Marsha Zimmermann / photo by Lidia Melnikova

Kathrin Kemp

Isabel Zeumer, Marsha Zimmermann, Marc Vinzing, Henning Bäcker / photo by Manja Herrmann

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