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photo by Kathrin Kemp

photo by Kathrin Kemp

stage design & costume design 
concept for "RUSALKA"
Landesbühnen Sachsen

director: Shira Szabady
stage design: Kathrin Kemp
costume design: Kathrin Kemp

presantation: 25.09.2022

The world of the prince and the habitat of Rusalka are described by two strong visual elements in great contrast to each other. While the civilized human world of the prince tries to contain and regulate nature through a wall of sandbags, behind it hides the organic, slowly burgeoning natural force of the water creatures.

The walls of the people are also read as an element of protection and defense against threat, although the curiosity of the prince leads him close to the edges and boundaries of the areas.

Through Jezibaba's magic and Rusalka's decision to leave the water world , it becomes possible to break through a sandbag wall and a first glimpse of what nature will be capable of is revealed.

In the end, nature takes over and increasing amounts of sea-green foam spread over the area and reach the audience.

The overwhelming power of the foam as the final image is also a quotation of the "deathly cold sea foam" from Hans Christian Anderesen's fairy tale, as well as an image for a growing organic force that can no longer be stopped by human means.

photo by Kathrin Kemp

photo by Kathrin Kemp

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